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Zwei oder mehr Finger schlagen die Saiten abwechselnd an. Eine besondere Form des Wechselschlags ist das Tremolo , bei dem drei oder mehr Finger in schneller Folge hintereinander dieselbe Saite anschlagen. Dies kann auch in Kombination von Plektrum und Fingern erfolgen. Man unterscheidet insbesondere die folgenden Zupftechniken: Das Gegenteil von Tirando. Das Gegenteil von Apoyando. So lassen sich auch Akkorde spielen. Besonders bedeutend ist die folgende Schlagtechnik: In der Regel den abwechselnden Auf- und Abschlag siehe oben Schlagen.

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A woman has been kicked out of her parenting group for a bizarre reason Image: Blend Images Get daily news updates directly to your inbox Subscribe Thank you for subscribingWe have more newsletters Show me See our privacy notice Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email Trying to maintain a thriving social life with a baby in tow is hard. With the little one requiring constant attention, it can be difficult to find time for yourself, let alone for other people.

Die Gitarre, auch Guitarre (vermutlich über französisch guitare von altgriechisch κιθάρα, Kithara, eine antike Leier) ist ein Musikinstrument aus der Familie der Kastenhalslauten, bei der Tonerzeugung ein Saiteninstrument, spieltechnisch ein Zupfinstrument.. Bei der Tonerzeugung wird zwischen akustischen und elektrischen Gitarren unterschieden.. Dieser Artikel legt den Schwerpunkt auf.

The term basalt is at times applied to shallow intrusive rocks with a composition typical of basalt, but rocks of this composition with a phaneritic coarse groundmass are generally referred to as dolerite also called diabase or gabbro. Types of basalt Large masses must cool slowly to form this hexagonal fracture pattern. Tholeiitic basalt is relatively poor in silica and poor in sodium. Included in this category are most basalts of the ocean floor, most large oceanic islands, and continental flood basalts such as the Columbia River Plateau.

MORB is commonly erupted only at ocean ridges. Alkaline basalt is relatively poor in silica and rich in sodium.

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Canadian Foodgrains Bank is a partnership of 15 Canadian churches and church-based agencies working together to end global hunger by: Supporting international programs to meet immediate food needs, reduce malnutrition, and achieve sustainable food security;.

Exploration and archaeology[ edit ] Plan of the sanctuary The periegetic writer Pausanias briefly mentions the site in his writings of the 2nd century AD, but does not describe the sanctuary in detail as he does for many others. In , the young English architect Charles Robert Cockerell , finishing his education on his academic Grand Tour , and Baron Otto Magnus von Stackelberg removed the fallen fragmentary pediment sculptures. Minor excavations of the east peribolos wall were carried out in during reconstruction of the last temple.

The area of the sanctuary was defined and studied during these excavations. The area under the last temple could not be excavated, however, because that would have harmed the temple. In addition, significant remains from the Bronze Age were detected in pockets in the rocky surface of the hill. From to , an extensive second German excavation under Dieter Ohly was performed, leading to the discovery in of substantial remains of the older Archaic temple in the fill of the later terrace walls.

Ernst-Ludwig Schwandner and Martha Ohly were also associated with this dig, which continued after the death of Dieter Ohly until Sufficient remains were recovered to allow a complete architectural reconstruction of the structure to be extrapolated; the remains of the entablature and pediment of one end of the older temple have been reconstructed in the on-site museum. The last form of the sanctuary covered an area of c.

Bronze Age phase[ edit ] In its earliest phase of use during the Bronze Age , the eastern area of the hilltop was an unwalled, open-air sanctuary to a female fertility and agricultural deity. Open vessel forms are also at an unusually high proportion versus closed vessels.

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Kindersley hired Geoff Grimwood in the Spring of , succeeding Rockie Zinger, who had replaced Wintoneak. Grimwood has laid the groundwork for a solid team heading into this Fall.

This could have been discovered by accident. Humans also found a way to move heavy objects, with an invention archeologists call the sledge. Logs or sticks were placed under an object and used to drag the heavy object, like a sled and a wedge put together. Early man placed rollers beneath heavy objects so that they could be moved easily. Humans thought to use the round logs and a sledge together.

Early men began to place runners under a heavy load, which they discovered would make it easier for the load to drag. This was the invention of the sledge. Wooden pegs were used to fix the sledge, so that when it rested on the rollers it did not move, but allowed the axle to turn in-between the pegs, the axle and wheels now created all the movement. These were the first carts.

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The court heard that the girl ate cat food on “a few occasions” Image: Dorling Kindersley Get daily news updates directly to your inbox Subscribe Thank you for subscribingWe have more newsletters Show me See our privacy notice Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email A schoolgirl was forced to eat cat food when there was nothing else to eat in the house, a court heard.

The year-old told jurors that she rarely ate meals with Derek Carrick – who is accused of wilfully neglecting three young girls – and there was no money for food.

The warm Gulf of St Malo ensures subtropical plants and an incredible array of birdlife. The Channel Islands enjoy sunnier days and milder winters than the UK, attracting walkers and outdoorsy types for surfing, kayaking, coasteering and diving.

Not all DIY needs to be painful Image: Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email Ever since shows such as Changing Rooms and 60 Minute Makeover burst on to the TV scene, we’ve been aware of how small tweaks can make a big difference. These shows taught us how bit of MDF and some stencilling can go a long way to make your house feel more like a home.

But adding value to your house – surely that’s the sort of thing that requires an expensive re-vamp, right? According to Victoria Gimson, Design Director and founder of Decorum Interior Design, there is one simple adjustment you can make which could potentially add thousands to your home. All it takes is a lick of paint Image:

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The Israelites supposedly brought down its walls with a great shout and trumpet blasts. Here Jesus healed Bartimaeus, the blind beggar, and dined with Zacchaeus, the rich tax collector. And both Cleopatra and Herod the Great coveted this lush oasis. In perhaps the most famous battle in the Bible , it was the first town captured by the Israelites when they entered the Promised Land.

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Etymology[ edit ] Toten-Kopf translates literally to “dead’s head”, meaning exactly “dead person’s head”. As a term, Totenkopf connotes the human skull as a symbol, typically one with crossed thigh bones as part of a grouping. Contemporary German language meaning of the word Totenkopf has not changed for at least two centuries. For example, the German poet Clemens Brentano b. The common translation of “Totenkopf” as death’s head is incorrect; it would be Todeskopf, but no such word is in use.

The English term death squad is called Todesschwadron, not Totenschwadron. Prussia[ edit ] Hussar from Husaren-Regiment Nr. It adopted a black uniform with a Totenkopf emblazoned on the front of its mirlitons and wore it on the field in the War of Austrian Succession and in the Seven Years’ War.

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Someone keeps messing with strawberries in Australia, with contamination incidents involving sewing needles causing panic among authorities and the public.

History of cars by Chris Woodford. And one of the most amazing things about them is that no-one invented them—no single person, that is. There was no scribbling on the back of an envelope, no lightning flash of inspiration, and no-one ran down the street crying “Eureka”. All the different parts—the engine, the wheels, the gears, and all the fiddly bits like the windscreen wipers—somehow came together, very gradually, over a period of about five and a half thousand years.

How did it happen? Let’s take a closer look! Henry Ford’s cars changed the world. This one’s a restored Ford Model Y from Although modern cars work essentially the same way as old ones, they are much more efficient go further on each liter or gallon of fuel and aerodynamic waste less energy pushing through the air. Beasts of burden Photo: It all began with the horse.

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All that remains of the several churches built to celebrate the Ascension is a small octagonal structure on a property that is now part of a mosque. Plain and unadorned, the Dome of the Ascension stands in a walled compound east of the main road that runs on the top of the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem. The location is just north of the Church of Pater Noster — which is built over a cave that the first Christians used as a more secluded place to commemorate the Ascension.

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It features , articles plus timelines, an atlas, and a dictionary. Connect your projects to your GAFE account. Collection includes fiction, non-fiction, Spanish and French titles. FactCite 1,2,3 is a collection of articles on the following subjects: Audio supports navigation, and all articles include narrated text and highlighting. Collection includes fiction, non-fiction, Spanish and French titles Ancient and Medieval History includes articles on ancient Egypt, ancient Mesopotamia, ancient Greece, ancient Rome, ancient and medieval Africa, medieval Europe, the Americas, ancient and medieval Asia, and Islamic Empire—from prehistory to the s.

Auto Repair Reference Center EBSCO provides an illustrated auto repair manuals on all auto repair procedures for vehicles with diagrams, drawings , and step-by-step photographs. Factcite includes articles of people, places and events that shape our society and world around us. Included in FactCite are the following databases: Hobbies and Crafts Reference Center EBSCO provides detailed “how-to” instructions and creative ideas to meet the interests of virtually every hobby enthusiast.

Home Improvement Reference Center EBSCO features full-text content from leading home improvement books and magazines, images not found anywhere else online, and how-to videos of popular home repair projects. Auto Repair Reference Center EBSCO provides an illustrated auto repair manuals on all auto repair procedures for vehicles , Technical Service Bulletins;, wiring diagrams, drawings , step-by-step photographs, and labor time guide and estimates. Also included are nearly full text reference books and an Image Collection of over , photos, maps and flags.

ProQuest Research Library provides one-stop access to more than 4, periodicals from a highly-respected, diversified mix of scholarly journals, trade publications, and magazines covering over academic disciplines.

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Located a few steps away from the Heritage Manor, The Evergreens is also very close to the Kindersley Hospital and the Kindersley Clinic. A handi-bus service is available by appointment for those who no longer wish to drive.

She began her stage career in on Broadway in the chorus line of the Noble Sissle and Eubie Blake hit musical Shuffle Along [13][15][16][17][18] and went on to appear in a number of similar black musical shows including Runnin’ Wild [19] on Broadway in in which she was given James P. Soon after their marriage he opened a short-lived club in Harlem, New York , called ‘The Big Apple’ and became her official business manager.

The initial tour started at Hamburg, Germany, on 17 May , and ended in Paris, France in December visiting many major cities in-between. After the initial tour disbanded, Sam Wooding and his Orchestra continued touring the Chocolate Kiddies revue for several years later. Handy and to celebrate the release of his newly published book Blues: Homer Tutt and produced by impresario Irvin C.

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