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Jul 24, Popular collectible items in the UK Collectible items can be found in the most unlikely of places. From vintage kitsch homeware and antique wooden chairs to vintage china sets, weekends spent searching through car boot sales and visiting auctions can be rewarding in themselves. You can make your collection even more rewarding by building one of value. Vintage kitsch homeware Perhaps the most iconic kitsch item is the s lava lamp , which has grown in popularity since it was first produced in It is fair to say that themed films and television programmes such as Mad Men have inspired a new wave of homeowners to adopt vintage toasters, kettles, and ovens into their interior designs. Collectors have been carefully identifying and purchasing vintage kitsch items for many years and they have grown in popularity and value. Find out how the valuation experts at Mallams Auctioneers can help you identify how much your collectible is worth today.

6 Differences Between Old and New Marbles

Unlike their virtual counterpart, the old-fashioned Filipino toys nurtured our creativity and built a sense of teamwork among our peers. Heck, you can even create your own toys by using what was already available around you. Necessity, after all, is the mother of invention.

Knife Antique & Collectable: Looking for Knife collectors usually specialize in a single type. In the s, the United States government passed a law that required knife manufacturers to mark their knives with the country of origin. This seemed to e1.

Share via Email You may remember alleys and cats’ eyes from your childhood days playing marbles, but would you recognise an indian, an onionskin, a Joseph’s coat, a hard core swirl, a Christensen agate tricolour flame or a hermaphrodite? The year-old printer paid 40p for half a dozen indians in an antique shop in his home town, Worthing in East Sussex.

They are now among 40, marbles neatly arrayed in his attic on rings of sea shell or in printers’ trays. You can run them around your hand and admire their beautiful colours. Phillips knows its marbles and was able to catalogue the varieties – ‘multi-lobed core swirl This one had a figure of Teddy Roosevelt. For ancient Roman clay marbles and ancient Egyptian glass marbles, prices are in five figures. Marbles are big business in the United States.

Since the Sixties, American contemporary glass-making, using studio-size kilns, has enjoyed a revival. There are now scores of American glass artists making big, studio-quality marbles with fantastic swirls and ribbons. There, a crowd of had watched 20 teams of six players shooting marbles into 6ft rings, trying to knock other marbles out.

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History and Varieties Toy Marbles: Indeed, all the items in the question are kinds of marbles, the technical names of which are used accurately only by a knowledgeable few, but the items themselves recognized worldwide. Over million people around the world collect marbles, although official estimates come in at around million.

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January 20, by admin In this article I have explained a few techniques on how to date and test for authenticity of antiques using a black light. Black lights produce Ultra Violet UV. Many materials fluoresce under ultraviolet lighting producing colors or light that our eyes can see, and making things that might go undetected visible to us.

Some clues to age or telltale signs of repair are not easily visible to the naked eye, but will fluoresce under ultraviolet light black light. The following techniques should be used in conjunction with other authenticating tools or research. Authenticating Glassware Both green Depression glass and Vaseline glass will glow under a black light due to the uranium oxide content in the glass.

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Some of them go back a long way. Thank you for sending me an image of your glass sulphide marble. It is a great piece and makes me think back to when I was first introduced to playing marbles at my grandmother’s house in the late s.

Apr 06,  · re: needs help with dating marbles hunting knife maker marks Post by djknife13» Thu Jan 07, am If I’m reading my Marbles Encyclopedia correctly, both of your knives pre-date WW1, and the sheaths were plain (no embossing) into the 30’s after which they had Moose and geese embossed on them.

What type of bottle is it? This entire website is essentially a “key” – albeit a complex one – to the dating and typing typology of historic bottles. In addition, this site also assists the user with these questions: What technology, techniques, or processes were used to manufacture the bottle? Where did the bottle come from, i. Where can I go for more information on historic bottles?

Blow-pipe or “open” type pontil scar. Even then the bottles discussed in depth are so primarily to illustrate the presented information and concepts. Hundreds of specific historic bottles are used as examples within the pages of this website to illustrate the concepts discussed; with luck you may find the specific bottle you have an interest in discussed though typically you will not.

Marbles knives dating services, all listings

Also included are marks seen on other types of glassware including tableware and industrial glass items such as railroad lantern lenses. Entries on some of the more commonly encountered brand and company names for instance, Bromo-Seltzer seen embossed on bottles are also included, as I frequently get questions about them. This is a typical example, as seen on the bottom of an emerald green apothecary jar from the s or s.

Bucher Emhart punt mark database this is a pdf file.

You can find examples for a few hundred dollars, such as this vintage Art Deco cast iron and marble table on Etsy. It features a simple, round white marble top and retails for about $ It features a simple, round white marble top and retails for about $

At top is an M. How these two fit into the scheme of things is detailed here. Lower knife courtesy David Shirley. In a word, the knife is legendary. And for all of this we have to thank Rowland; with the help of the Marble Safety Axe Co. Van Cleve and Webster L. Bob successfully checked a couple of items for me, and we now know Rowland was born in New York state in June of


While collectors of vintage glass often purchase these pieces for display, many others maintain them for everyday use. Glassware produced from the late th through the mid th century is considered the pinnacle of glassmaking and thus one of the most popular eras to collect in the market. Vintage glassware encompasses many types of decorative and functional objects including glasses, plates, vases, and bowls.

They range from simple and affordable to ornate and extravagant. As a starting point for new collectors and seasoned enthusiasts, this guide compiles the most notable styles. The History of Antique and Vintage Glassware Although glass objects have been produced as early as the Bronze Age, the more modern technique of cut glass dates back approximately 2, years.

Also linked to the Dating page is a sub-page called Examples of Dating Historic Bottles which tracks a few different bottles through a dating and general information quest to illustrate how the dating process and this website work.

Postcard collecting has been a popular hobby for a long time, and the online auction site, eBay has made the hobby accessible to more people than even. The portability of the items, relatively inexpensive prices, and the wide variety of subject matter add the the attractiveness of old postcards. Some old postcards are truly antiques, being over years old. The first commercially produced postcards were introduced to the United States in Antique postcards give us a glimpse into the past, showing examples of places, fashions, and humor from the past.

It’s really amazing that these little pieces of paper have lasted over years. Many are in remarkably good condition. How Old is My Postcard? Visit our Postcard Age page for help in determining the age of vintage postcards. If you are interested in old postcards, please take some time to explore this site. You will find information on the history of postcards, postcard cancellations, postcard artists, and many collectible postcard categories such as real photo, holiday, artist signed, exposition, comic, etc.

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