Call us, beep us: Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable reunited IRL!

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Kim Possible -what’s the sitch Wade?

Premise[ edit ] Promotional artwork for “Crush”, the series’ pilot, featuring counter-clockwise from upper left Shego in green Ron , Kim , Rufus , and Dr. Drakken upper-right, in blue Kim Possible takes place primarily within the fictional United States town of Middleton, and focuses on the life and adventures of teenager Kim Possible.

She is an accomplished high school student and cheerleader who fights crime on a regular basis, assisted by her best friend and sidekick, Ron Stoppable , and Rufus , his pet naked mole rat.

Jul 23,  · Best Answer: they started dating after the movie Kim Possible, so the drama. Then you see them actually going out in the first episode of the newest season. Then you see them actually going out in the first episode of the newest : Resolved.

He is the lifelong best friend and faithful sidekick of the show’s main titular character, Kim Possible , and later in the second movie , he becomes her boyfriend. Ron first appeared in the premiere episode in June and starred alongside Kim in all eighty-seven episodes of the show. He appears in most of the video games based on the show, but he is playable in only two: Disney’s Kim Possible 3: Team Possible and Disney ‘s Kim Possible: During the show, which covers the pair’s three years of high school, Ron is depicted as an eccentric student who serves as a bumbling sidekick, providing much of the show’s comic relief, but also an important foil to Kim’s competitive and image-conscious personality.

Contents Background History Ron is an only natural child from an observant Jewish family see religion.

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Kim Possible has to find a balance with everything school related, and battling super villains on a regular basis. Of course, all heroes need a wisecracking, clumsy partner. Kim is no exception.

(Kim and Ron trekking up an alpine mountain to Drakken’s new lair.) Mr. Barken? Barkin: Stoppable! What are you so happy about? Ron: Life’s good, Mr.B. You know, I’m dating my dream girl, was the improbable star of the football team, and now I’m ready to ride that graduation train off into life. 2 Kim Possible; 3 Ron Stoppable; Explore.

They had the popcorn all popped, the movie was playing, and the two young people were as snug as two people in love could be. As they sat there, Ron’s arm around her and Kim with her head on his shoulder, they were the picture of relaxation. Relaxation, however, was the furthest thing from Ron Stoppable’s mind. This was no ordinary Friday, you see. This Friday had put Ron Stoppable in a situation that usually only existed in the twisted perverse minds of the teenage male.

It just so happened that that previous Monday, Anne Possible had been invited to a training session in Denver to learn all the new tricks of the trade in the brain surgeon business. It would give Mrs.

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Edit Kim is a teenage female of average height with a slim yet athletic build. She has large, bright green eyes and long fiery red hair which comes down to her shoulder and when seen from behind is in the likeness of a heart. She wore her hair in pigtails when she was in pre-K and as a preteen she wore it in one long ponytail.

Her bellybutton is shown to be an innie by her wide array of midriff baring outfits. She has long fingers, size seven feet, and is usually seen with a big smile on her face.

Ron Stoppable rang the Possibles’ doorbell. “Dr. Possible?” he asked when Dr. Jim Possible answered. “I’m here to pick up Kim for our date.” “She’s upstairs,” said Dr. James Possible.

The “instructional video” ” The Supreme One and You” of Shego gloating over her world domination and putting Drakken in his place. Rufus Prime, please, share your wisdom. What is the meaning of life? You owe me a buck. Everybody in the future is ripped! Drakken works through the holidays. Because it is Christmas, the one time of year she is off-duty! Whoa whoa whoa whoa, Dr.

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Kim Possible (Christy Carlson Romano) Ron Stoppable (Will Kim Possible kisses Ron Stoppable 1 download mp4, p and download mp3.

I was in 6th grade, I recently graduated from elementary school and I had an entire summer of watching this new Disney Channel show about a teen girl who dabbled in a little bit of international crime fighting as a side gig. You know, nothing too out of the ordinary. She was tough and girly, strong and sensitive and she managed to feel like a real girl despite the fact that she was beating up bad guys between classes.

If you also watched a ton of Kim Possible back in the day, check out this roundup of 10 KP memorable moments! She was brave and fearless but she also had a vulnerable side and succumbed to everyday teen girl drama. I’m so glad that this show emphasized that being a badass didn’t mean that you have to stop having petty feelings and worries and–heaven forbid–emotions. Seriously, if you did then let me remind you that Shego is by far one of the coolest female cartoon villains ever.

She had attitude, she kicked butt and she looked good in green.

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The viewer gets to know Kim, her attempts to deal with academics, exams, dating and maintain her cheerleading activity as the leader of the squad. Disney games have indeed come a long way, becoming more interactive than ever before. He offers guidance and also supplies Kim with gadgets to use.

Watch Kim Possible – Season 4, Episode 1 – Ill Suited: Worried that his relationship with Kim will go sour if he didn’t become a jock, Ron “borrows” Kim’s supersuit to join th.

Edit Ron is an only natural child from an observant Jewish family. He met Kim during their first day at pre-school and they have been firm friends ever since. In the TV movie A Sitch in Time , Ron is depicted as having been an articulate, observant child able to comprehend concepts too complex for the average child of his age, as having an imaginary named “Rufus”, and as having a strong social conscience but also under developed social skills which set him apart from other children.

As a teenager, he has a pet naked mole rat named Rufus and has slept with a sheep since the age of four. Many aspects of Ron’s current personality can be traced back to various traumatic events from his childhood that have been shown in a variety of flashbacks throughout seasons The event which is referenced most often in the series was a summer that he spent in a rundown sleep away Camp Wannaweep during which time he called home so many times, asking to leave the camp, that his mother eventually refused to accept his calls.

While at Wannaweep, Ron was bullied by other campers and forced to share an insect infested cabin with the camp’s overactive chimpanzee mascot “Bobo”. This led him to develop a pathological fear of monkeys and apes that has been frequently mentioned throughout the series, as well as a less-mentioned fear of insects and spiders. It was also during this summer at Wannaweep that Ron first encountered fellow camper Gil Moss , with whom he traded his slot on the swim schedule for a second slot in arts and crafts.

Gil later returned as Gill, an angry mutant seeking revenge on Ron, whom he blamed for causing him to mutate a result of spending all day swimming in the lake’s polluted water. During Season 2, it was revealed that Ron was first introduced to the freelance hero business when reclusive Upperton millionaire Mr.

Ron and Kim’s first break up